Víctor de Lorenzo

Presentation title:

Environmental bacteria as authentic (nonmetaphorical) cell factories


Systems Biology Department Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia, 

CSIC C/ Darwin, 3 (Campus de Cantoblanco UAM) 

Madrid 28049, Spain. 

Email: vdlorenzo@cnb.csic.es

Website: vdl-lab.com

Short bio:

Víctor de Lorenzo (Madrid, 1957) is a Chemist by training and he holds a position of Research Professor in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), where he currently heads the Laboratory of Environmental Synthetic Biology at the National Center for Biotechnology. He specializes in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of soil microorganisms (particularly Pseudomonas putida) as agents for the decontamination of sites damaged by industrial emissions at various application scales—from local to global. At present, his work explores applications of Molecular Bioengineering to Environmental Biotechnology, with an emphasis on development of genetic tools for programming live bioremediation agents.